Bio: Anatomy of the Travelling Calavera

Travelling Calavera introduction and bio

I’m a freelance journalist with two years’ previous experience in the travel industry.  When I’m not writing, you’ll find me wandering around art galleries, going to the theatre, shopping for second-hand books, drinking tea and – of course – planning my next adventure.

I challenged myself to start  this site back in January 2013 (though I wasn’t a total newcomer to the blogging world – I previously wrote a fashion blog).

Breaking the Stereotypes

The tough questions I asked myself before going live:

  • Have I ever been to that much-hyped travel blogging hotspot, Angkor Wat? Nope.
  • Have I ever referred to myself as a nomad? Definitely not.
  • Can I wax lyrical about backpacking? No, since my backpack has wheels. Hey, I like to keep my options open.

Instead, I like to cover quirky museums, cultural haunts, historical sites, unique hotels and travel trends. My site isn’t exclusively aimed at either ‘budget’ or ‘luxury’ travellers, but looks at both extremes – plus the middle ground that so many of us aim for.

I occasionally blog about mental health and how it relates to travel, as I’m an admin for the London-based Mental Health Mates peer support walking group. Ultimately I want to show that – with the right support networks and planning – trips can be a huge boost to well-being, and many of the travellers you meet will be battling their own demons, such as anxiety, OCD or depression.

What’s in a Name?

As for the blog name? Calavera means skull in Spanish, and it’s become a recurring icon from the trips I’ve taken, my own experiences and the trips I’m planning.

As a student I wrote plenty of essays on anatomical art,  visiting galleries to see artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci, Andreas Vesalius and Laurie Lipton. Plus, due to my background in fashion journalism, I can spot an Alexander McQueen skull scarf print at 20 paces.

My ideal adventure would be visiting Mexico during the Dia de los Muertos celebrations, where skull imagery is celebrated rather than feared. Aside from the Mexican dream, you’ll notice that all things anatomical do tend to come up on the blog, whether that means looking at morbid exhibitions or unusually creepy souvenirs. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Start Here

Fringe Festival Performers and Posters - Royal Mile Edinburgh
The Fringe Festival introduced me to all kinds of people – like this man glued to a pillar.

So, what weird and wonderful travel experiences have I actually had? Well, so far I’ve…

  • Been white-water rafting in British Columbia with a Welshman called Taffy and walked under a waterfall
  • Taken part in the Glastonbury Sun Dance with druids in Hyde Park, and then we all had some Ben & Jerry’s (it’s clearly a druid favourite)
  • Worked at a Parisian fashion trade show during a heat wave
  • Discovered that Chinese restaurants in Washington DC do not serve prawn crackers
  • Visited the Edinburgh Fringe Festival eight years running, and I’m aiming for a perfect ten
  • Tracked down an almost submerged boat wreck in Wales that my great grandparents used to sail (they didn’t sink it, in case you’re wondering)
  • Accidentally seen a new Pope announced in Rome
  • Fallen in love with Estonian culture
  • Had the best curry of my life, in Iceland


2013’s adventures included riding a Vespa in Rome, waxing lyrical about the UK’s only bone chapel, meeting a tiger in Thailand and seeking out Reykjavik’s best pubs and skull-shaped graffiti.

2014 involved soaking up the best of Brussels, Bath and the Grand Budapest Hotel, along with a scorchingly hot city break in Lisbon and a de-stressing trip to Cornwall.

2015 led to a five star Valletta hotel stay and a tour of Copenhagen’s parliament before the Danish General Election.

2016 saw a family trip to New York, one of my favourite stomping grounds, plus a day trip to Helsinki and a visit to the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

With an ever-growing bucket list featuring India, Rwanda, Norway and New Zealand, I can’t wait to see where travel takes me next.

Get in Touch

If you want to talk travel with me then:

  • Feel free to comment on the blog
  • Email me – pollyallen89[at]yahoo[dot]com
  • Find me on Twitter – @misspallen
  • Add me on Google+ (I hear it’s what all the cool kids are doing)

Needless to say, all views held here are my own and not those of my employers. All images, unless stated, are my own, and should not be used without my permission; the same goes for the text. All experiences, even the embarrassing ones, are also my own. I hope you enjoy them too.


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