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Easy Ways to Support Charities As You Travel

Support charities through visiting charity shops: picture of charity shop clothing rail with vintage clothes in bright colours

Charity shops are my bread and butter; I spend a lot of time scouring them, whether I’m at home or away, and I try to visit any interesting ones I pass. However, not all travellers support charities when they’re packing, holidaying or returning home, and they don’t realise how easy it is to adjust to giving something back. Here are the best ways to support charities as you travel, whatever your time and budget.

Visit Charity Shops in Your Destination

Yelp is particularly good for pre-trip research. Plus, some councils list all the shops – Edinburgh has a detailed charity shop map, designed to help locals, but good for tourists, too. read more

Against Blue Monday Marketing and the Trivialisation of Mental Health Issues

Ignorance sign in blue and white metal to signify ignorant behaviour. Displayed on white wall

Blue Monday, essentially the grimmest recurring day in the entire calendar, is nearly upon us. It’s a time when we’re supposed to be at our lowest, according to academic and merchant of doom, Cliff Arnall, whose dubious findings were based on calculations of average weather for the time of year, low motivation and high levels of debt.

The science behind it seems sketchy, but Blue Monday is basically an annual excuse for press release mayhem, when companies try to flog us things to cheer us up before our bank statements arrive. It thrives on the notion of low mood being permitted just once a year – if it helps, perhaps imagine it preceded by the word ‘cheeky’ – before normal service is resumed and we all just stop being so ungrateful. Yet the idea of low mood being self-indulgent, temporary or quickly diffused doesn’t gel with the one in four of us who will experience genuine mental health problems in our lifetime, especially the one in five of us who will have a depressive episode. read more