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Review: Beginners Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Quill London

Quill Beginners Modern Calligraphy Workshop exercise worksheet and cake on table

Quill London is at the forefront of the local and national calligraphy scene, with a huge social following, a calligraphy workshop programme, pop-up projects and a physical store keeping up with customer demand.

I’ve chosen to test Quill’s entry-level course, the Beginners Modern Calligraphy Workshop (FYI, there’s no apostrophe). This is the perfect class for a novice because it’s only 2.5 hours long, so there’s no big commitment to make. The question is: can you actually pick up a new skill in less than half a day? read more

Kings, Culture and Cycle Chic: Reasons to Visit Copenhagen

Tourism in Denmark with CPH guides and city maps

My next travel destination is known for being effortlessly cool: Copenhagen has two famous Michelin -starred restaurants, internationally known fashion designers like Baum und Pferdgarten, and a hippy-founded ‘freetown’ called Christiania… but I’ve been tempted for other reasons. If you need convincing as to why Copenhagen should figure in your holiday plans, look no further.

History on Every Corner

You can’t ignore centuries of heritage: Denmark has been ruled from Slotsholmen, a small island, since 1167. Today it’s home to Parliament and the Supreme Court, and the Royal Family can be found in the nearby Amalienborg Palace. Christiansborg Slot, the castle, has been through more reinventions than Madonna, thanks to fires, renovations and an entire demolition. Underneath today’s structure are the ruined foundations of the original castle. read more

Hotel Profile: San Giorgio, Mykonos, is Sheer Boho Brilliance

The experts at Mr & Mrs Smith call it a ‘sparkling boho hangout’, and who am I to disagree? Mykonos’ San Giorgio Hotel is a luxurious Design Hotel tucked between two beaches, one of which is called Paradise… say no more. Only there’s so much more to rave about at this property! I’ll be finding out what there is to love about it, narrowing down why you should visit.

The amenities to write home about include a chauffeur service to take you to island hotspots, a beachside viewing platform and a pool surrounded by hammocks – perfect for lazing under the sun. Beyond the hotel itself, you’ll get the chance to discover the island’s history through its famous sights, such as its windmills and Venetian waterfront. Ready to really relax and release your inner bohemian? Let’s go… read more