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Book Review: How to Be Human: The Manual, by Ruby Wax

How to Be Human: The Manual, book cover by Penguin, seen with collage art by Maurizio Anzeri and Nkiru Oparah.

Do you want to explore the human condition, without heavy academic textbooks and bland philosophising? Then you need How to Be Human: The Manual, Ruby Wax’s new book for deep thinkers who like a side-order of laughter with their psychological revelations. This is the kind of book you could take on holiday and binge-read on a plane, or dip into as you try and fail to settle into ‘holiday mode’, because How to Be Human will explain why you can’t fully switch off, and why you’re struggling to feel compassion for the champion seat kicker who ruined your flight. read more

Vienna for First-Time Visitors and Solo Travellers on a Budget

Upper Belvedere Gardens view of Vienna city panorama with rooftops and buildings

When you think of Vienna, you think of palaces, Orson Welles and sharp architecture, accompanied by apfelstrudel. You perhaps don’t put Vienna in the same price bracket as Reykjavik or Copenhagen, which draw as many worried glances as jealous stares when you tell people you’re going there.

Brace yourselves, kids, because Vienna is more expensive and demanding than you think – I found Reykjavik and Copenhagen much cheaper and friendlier for city breaks overall, and with more food choices, despite their pricier reputations. This makes it difficult when you’re a solo traveller in Vienna, or you’re a first-time visitor trying to see the city minus a hefty credit card bill. read more