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British travel blogger collaborations with SEO and PR goals

Do you want to team up with a proactive travel blogger on a campaign? Do you need insight from someone who has seen both sides of the blogger/professional divide in the travel industry?

That’s where I come in. You may have found my blog through the May 2016 issue of National Geographic Traveller, or via Twitter; you might have discovered me through Lonely Planet Pathfinders.

Some of the companies I’ve worked with include:

  • Tourist Boards, such as Visit Flanders
  • Tour organisations, such as Insider London
  • Global travel companies, such as Contiki and Expedia
  • Travel service providers, such as Mercure Hotels, Red Funnel Ferries and Go Euro
  • Publishers, such as Bluffer’s Guides
  • PR Agencies, such as Premier

Besides a background in journalism, between 2011-2013 I was a Senior Destination Marketer working under two leading British travel companies (lowcostholidays and easyJet Holidays), so I fully understand the needs of marketers, PRs and SEOs.

As Seen On…

You might recognise my blog after reading one of the following websites. Aside from these, I’ve also been nominated for a couple of blogging awards, including Best Culture and History Blogger at the DFDS Seaways Blog Awards 2015.

Travel and blogging website examples featuring British travel blogger
You may have found me through one of these sites.


Travelling Calavera readers tend to be female (75%, vs. 25% male) but span a wide range of ages. They gravitate towards city breaks, from New York to Lisbon, and they love visiting places featured heavily in films or books.

They’re big fans of TripAdvisor and like to get personal recommendations before they choose a hotel or a destination. Whether travelling solo and getting last-minute tips, or looking for a tour that makes an impact, like a battlefield tour of Flanders, my readers know they can find answers here.

Writing and blogging for British travel or lifestyle sites
Beyond the blog: some of the websites I’ve written or guest blogged for, covering travel, lifestyle, wellbeing or fashion.

Why Choose Me for Your Campaign?

  • I’m not only a blogger, I am a qualified journalist, with experience in feature writing for both online and print audiences (please see my bio for more information)
  • I understand what SEO means to your company, and why you have to stay within Google’s Webmaster guidelines
  • I go the extra mile – you may only need one post with a relevant link to achieve your goal, but I will make sure that post is a great piece of PR for your company, with appropriate images and great quotes you can use for further marketing; I may even produce a series of posts on the trip or product offered
  • If you want to ask me for my opinion on a travel topic, or you wish to quote me for a press release or campaign, I’m more than happy to help

Let’s Talk

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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