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I’ve been writing about cultural travel since 2011, covering everything from fashion-friendly holiday ideas to the best attractions for art lovers. This was a natural transition from my training in fashion and lifestyle journalism, and my passport has been burning a hole in my pocket ever since.

Passionate about research, I love getting under the skin of a destination and going beyond the obvious sightseeing opportunities. When I arrive somewhere new, my notebook, pens and camera are pretty much surgically attached to me at all times.

I’ve recently written for the likes of The New European, Funny Women and Refinery29, and I was a joint winner of the Jaipur Literature Festival blogging competition. I also write regularly for Running in Heels.

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Where you might have seen my work…

I’ve contributed online features to Family Traveller, Cosmopolitan, ¬†Hello, Healthista, the Sun, the Mirror, Mature Times, Tesco Living Magazine, and Babyworld, plus I was featured on the¬†Azumano Travel Show.

Stickers on old-fashioned black suitcase, depicting places such as Genoa and Cologne
Travel sticker overload in an Icelandic window display. How many of these places have you been to?

Future Plans

I’m always looking to see and do more, but the key experiences on my travel wishlist include a trip to Mexico during Dia de los Muertos, visiting India’s great cities (such as Johdpur, Jaipur, Mumbai, Varanasi and Delhi), and exploring the unique landscape and sights of Rwanda.

I’d like to return to some previous destinations, too – Estonia, Spain and Germany are all high on the list.

Want to discuss travel with me? Get in touch (contact details are found on my bio, or drop me a tweet – @misspallen).

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