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How to Replace Bathroom Tiles that Have Fallen Off

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Are the grouts around your bathroom tiles lifting? Have some tiles fallen off already? If so, then you need to fix this before all of your bathroom tiles come off. If you fail to repair them, water will get under the tiles and cause more tiles to come off your bathroom wall. Failing to repair bathroom tiles that have fallen off can turn a DIY task into an expensive repair.

Keep in mind that when you are doing your repairs, you should follow safety guidelines. To protect yourself from any injuries, you should wear gloves and goggles. You can follow the steps below to get your bathroom back to looking stylish and new.

Step 1: Use a towel to cover the damaged tile. You can then use a hammer to tap the damaged tile gently. Be careful not to get carried away and injure your fingers. This gentle tapping works to loosen the damaged tile. You should also avoid tapping tiles that are still in good condition.

Step 2: Once the broken tiles have cracked enough and is now loose, you can then lift them off using a putty knife or the back of your hammer. Remove all the old adhesives and grouts from the broken tile. For the replacement tile to fit perfectly, the area needs to be clean.

Step 3: Mix adhesives and then apply the mixture to the area where you have just taken the broken tile off. You should use the correct adhesives depending on the type of tiles that you are working with.

Step 4: Press the new tile down over the adhesives you have just applied. Make sure that the tile is level with the existing tiles so that you don’t end up with ridges. Use a piece of cloth to remove any adhesive that is displaced above the tiles. Give the adhesives 24 hours to set. Make sure that they don’t come into contact with any water during this period.

Step 5: Apply grout around the tile on the gaps between the tiles. You can use your finder to press the grout. Any excess grout should be removed. You can then give the grout 24 hours to set. 

Step 6: After 24 hours, buff the area using a dump sponge. This ensures that any grout residue is removed for a neat finish around your tiles

Step 7: To prevent water from penetrating the grout, you should apply a sealant on it. The sealant you are using should be compatible with the grout you had used. 

What Causes Tiles to Fall Off?

There are so many reasons why your bathroom tiles could be falling off. One of the reasons is poor workmanship. Whoever installed your tiles for you might have not employed the standard-setting methods and techniques.

Another reason could be the type of adhesives that have been used. Using poor quality tiles can also cause the tiles to fall off shortly after they have been installed. This can lead to costly maintenance since you will have to regularly repair your bathroom. To ensure that bathroom tiles last, they need to be properly installed using the right materials. 

Wrapping Up

Now you have the confidence to repair bath tile on your own. You will keep your cost of repair down. However, if you still feel like you are not yet up to the task, it’s okay. You can hire a tradesman to help replace bathroom tiles that have fallen. If you also want to replace all your bathroom tiles, you will need someone who is specialized in that since doing it on your own can be hectic.

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