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Looking at the Math Behind Toilet Paper: How Long, Wide and Tall It is and How Long It Lasts

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We spend a lot of money on toilet paper, but how much do we use? How many sheets are in a roll? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the facts behind the product we all use multiple times a day yet know very little about. 

There is a lot to know about toilet paper, and it’s a big business. Toilet paper companies spend millions each year designing the perfect forms of single, regular, double, and other novelty style rolls and ply-amounts. The texture is also seen as a super important part of the process, with differing softness, absorbency, and quality levels. A lot is going on in this simple product! 

There is plenty we could talk about when it comes to toilet paper. But in this article, we’ll be analyzing some of the statistics behind the humble roll. Read on to find out some facts you didn’t know! 

How Long is a Roll of Toilet Paper? 

There are, in fact, standardized lengths of toilet rolls on the market. The average roll length is 3.7 inches or 0.3 feet. Depending on the brand or type, this could be slightly different. Larger-sized rolls can have much more than the regular 1000 sheets, which will, of course, make for larger rolls. 

How Wide is a Roll of Toilet Paper? 

On average, a roll of toilet paper comes in at around 12 cm, or 3.15 inches wide. The average size has changed throughout the years, going up to 4.1 inches as the years have passed. 

If you are getting a “fancy” toilet roll with embossments stamped in, this will affect the roll size. Other factors that may be impacted by differing elements could be – 

  • How many sheets are sold per roll 
  • The number of rolls per pack 
  • The length of the paper
  • The units sold per pallet 
  • How many you may find in a bundle 
  • The diameter of the inside roll 

These are all factors toilet paper producers consider when designing their toilet paper. 

How Tall is a Roll of Toilet Paper? 

Lengths of toilet paper come in at between 0.9 to 1 cm, which is around four inches. You might find different lengths of paper on the market, and some can more closely resemble paper towels or napkins! 

How Much Does a Roll of Toilet Paper Weigh? 

The average toilet paper roll comes in at 227 gram, or around half a pound. This is the standard weight, but again, embossing or special features will affect the overall weight of the product. 

There are other factors influencing the weight of the paper, which can include: 

  • Base paper: That is, the pulp used to create the toilet paper itself. There are a range of types used, including deinked pulp, virgin pulp, or some kind of mixture. Different colors or dyed toilet papers will also weigh different amounts. 
  • Plies per roll. As you would already know, it’s easy to find 2, 3, or 4 ply rolls, which again will influence weight. 
  • The type of ply bonding used. Embossed images on the roll could either be laminated on or stamped on through mechanical processes, which will have different results on the roll weight. 
  • Company’s manufacturing styles – Since different companies will have vastly differing machinery that works in unique ways, each company will have slightly different toilet paper that has a slightly differing weight. 

How Long Should a Roll of Toilet Paper Last? 

This is one topic that can be the cause of arguments in households across the world. Let’s use some statistics to help us find our answer. 

Consider that a standard toilet paper roll includes 1000 sheets for a single ply, 500 sheets for 2 ply, and so on for each ply as you go up. 

The average person can use 9 to 20 sheets of paper per use, which results in an average of 60 sheets per day. 

Let’s assume we’re using 1 ply toilet paper. With 1000 sheets, let’s divide that by our daily average of 60. 

1000 divided by 60 will mean we have 16 days of use, or two weeks and two days. 

Of course, this formula is not perfect and does not take a range of variables into account. But on average, 16 days for one person is a close estimate. 

What Determines the Duration of a Toilet Paper Roll? 

There are various factors involved in determining how long a toilet paper roll can last. 


As previously discussed, how many plies your toilet paper contains will greatly affect how many sheets are in a single roll. 

Since companies try to create rolls of similar sizes, multiple-ply toilet paper does not come in as many sheets in a roll as single-ply. This means that you will get through 4 ply toilet paper at a much faster pace than lower ply. 


Each person has their own style and method of using toilet paper, and that includes how much toilet paper they use in one session. If you’ve got a lot of people using only one toilet, there’s a very likely chance you are going to go through rolls quite quickly indeed. 


Studies have shown, somewhat unsurprisingly, that women are likely to go through more toilet paper than men. Probably because they have more uses for it than men do. This means they will be getting through the product at a quicker pace than their male counterparts. 

Activities Involved

Tissue paper is an often-used item that can be applied in many different situations. If there are more reasons to be reaching for toilet paper in your household, this is, of course, going to have an impact on how quickly you get through a single roll. 


If you are using pricier, more expensive toilet paper, there is a higher chance you are going to put its use as a premium. It’s likely you’ll use it less and keep a roll going for a little longer. 


As discussed above, the size of a toilet roll can have some variations. If you are using mega or super-mega rolls, you won’t be getting through toilet paper as quickly as you would otherwise.